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  • Hotel Mountain

    Some Key Facts:

    • Address: Samdrup Jongkhar Bhutan
    • Phone: +975-7-251178 , 251130
    • Fax: 251130

    Mountain hotel is modern with spacious rooms with satellite TV and private bathrooms, and a bright, airy, multi cuisine restaurant and bar.


    • ➡ 15 Rooms
    • ➡ Basic room amenities









    My wife and I stayed at Hotel Mountain (aka Mountain Hotel, Mountain Lodge) on the first of our 15 nights in Bhutan. I can understand that, if you think that you should be staying at a Le Meridien or a Taj hotel you'd be disappointed. But you're not, and you shouldn't be.

    Samdrup Jongkhar is a hardscrabble little town in eastern Bhutan, on the border of India. If you're staying here as a tourist, it's because you're coming or going -- not because Samdrup Jongkhar is your destination. The hotel is simple but clean, and the staff are friendly and helpful (like inn all of Bhutan). You really don't have a lot of choices here, and Hotel Mountain is perfectly fine.

    Enjoy your travel in Bhutan!

    “Hardscrabble town; the hotel is simple but perfectly fine”

    I have been to this hotel many times and found it pleasant to eat and sleep. Sometimes it is very difficult to get rooms as their are limited hotels in that locations with tourist uses as stopover. The hotel is located in the center of the market place so rooming around the hotel is very pleasant. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The in-house restaurant is very well arranged for eating and drinking(bar). Overall experience is good as far the price is concern.

    “Good Hotel to stay”

    It was the very first hotel we stayed in on our organized tour through Bhutan. The agency had warned the clients not to expect to much, it might be a little bit simplistic. But it was absolutely satisfying! Very warm, friendly welcome and a very good - although adapted four our western centric taste - food was served. We could change money at the reception. When I realized that I forgot body soap to bring with me on my travel a lady from the reception went into a shop around the corner together with me for translation. I shared a double room with separated beds with a lady from our travel group: it was big, the room and sheets were clean. The bathroom was simple, but clean again - and it worked! Good experience, well recommended!

    “Friendly atmosphere, warm welcome, good food”


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